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Originally Posted by georgewashington
it wasnt right at him, he dropped back in front of the colts receiver who was 5 yards behind him, and i believe he did have to jump up to get it. And i guarentee you wouldnt catch it. and how is it trash time when the colts still had all their starters in and werent playing any different offense than they did all game long. and one out of a lot, i would love to hear the example of when this season he has been smoked on a run play. its not kissing *** if i simply point out some situations. I also suppose that whoever writes for the texans web site is kissing *** too because they seemed to like him enough and are impressed enough that the wrote an article saying he doesnt get much playing time but when he does he makes things happen.

ok well with 3 min left manning was still throwing the long ball, do you think we had a chance to come back ? yeah there was a reciever behind him, but peek DIDNT have to jump when he did it was right in his gut.
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