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Originally Posted by georgewashington
I guess you have not seen his progression this season have you. Did you watch him play against the colts? The first play he was in he stayed outside in good contain. The second play James started in the middle and then bounced outside, and peek was waiting there, IN CONTAIN, and made the tackle for a no gain. Then the next two plays he dropped into coverage, and on the second was in perfect position and made an interception. I think if you stop listening to what people had said in the past about his lack of run stop and his wild play, and actually watched how he has been playing lately you would see that he has improved greatly. i know i have been very pro-Peek this year, but if you actually watch his play you cant deny his improvement with out even getting much playing time. And i point out that on the texans own page he was pointed out with another article about him and how he doesnt get playing time but when he does he makes things happen. you be the judge of that.

Oh god howd i know you'd be on here kissing Peeks A*s George ? That int was a give me, come on it was in trash time and there was noone else including recievers in the area. If someone throws a ball right at me i think i will catch it to ! And i dont think stopping the run one time out of A LOT means he can be consistent at it !
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