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Originally Posted by __V__
Maurice Clarett (6'0 230 lbs) is 20 years old, same as Emmitt Smith (5'9" 207 lbs) when he was drafted. One guy gets to play, and one guy is considered "too young". Go figure.
V...I think that is a little off base, I was under the impression that age wasn't a factor, it is the number of years past High School.

There is a lot of talk about how underclass men (ie. JRs) don't suceed as well or have a tougher time making rosters, and amount of time injured...I can't site chapter and verse on the stats but I have seen them thrown around on sports shows recently. I do wonder how many SOPHMORES have come out and what the stats are on them?

One last matter how much Clarrett thinks he is ready (and he may be ready...I don't know), I am reminded of a sophmore superstar from USC that a lot of people thought was ready too, his name was Todd Marinovich...remember how he turned out?
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