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Hey trooper, welcome to the boards. I like the line on both sides of the ball things are looking pretty good. It is funny - it used to be a weak point of the team. I have the feeling that we will dominate in short distance situations. However, not to burst your bubble but 11-5 I believe is a stretch. I agree with -V- and his prediction with a 7-9 to 9-7 range. If they win 6 games, have a top 15 defense, and top 10 in the league in rushing the ball, I'd take that at the end of the year as a successful season. I think that Carr needs to quit throwing picks - especially in the 4th quarter and Hollings needs to be able to competently fill in for Davis when he needs a breather. Not to beat a dead horse or anything but our offensive line will be very very good.

Dont get shot - we are all praying for you guys
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