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However, the players have to be given plays that have some semblence of a chance to work.
so an off-tackle (or whatever the denver zone scheme calls it's version) doesn't give all the offensive players a responsibility? so that's why there was no "semblence" of running the ball effectively.....if the o-line got some push and even said hello to the linebackers at the second level, i don't see how the texans run game, with all it's versatility, wouldn't be more effective. bottom line = player's have to execute

From my birds eye view in 634 (play was coming directly towards us) I didn't think Carr had any chance of running for the first down.
makes me feel a little better.....but it still looked like running had more potential to keep the drive alive than throwing out of bounds....just didn't look like carr's actions fit the situation.
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