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Didn't look to me like he could have turned the corner, but maybe I'm wrong
maybe not turned upfield in stride but maybe stretching for it with a dive out of bounds. and even if it was 4th and short, thats at least another shot at keeping the drive alive. not that your wrong, it just seemed like carr's choice of action didn't coincide with putting "it" on the line to win.

My thoughts are that it never should have come down to the last series. Pivotal series was when we had the ball on the GB 34 with a 13-3 lead, and we proceeded to go 20 yards backwards. Incompletion, -9 yards on the reverse, then a sack.
agreed shouldn't have come down to the last series either, but it did and we controlled our own destiny....and lost. thats why i mentioned above the last drive wasn't the sole reason for the loss, but it was by then that my wind had been knocked out of me.

[rant] just a side note, and this isn't directed at anyone on this thread, just choosing to vent here about the predominat view held by this board. regardless of the playcalling, players need to execute!! palmer/capers didn't tell the o-line "let the linebackers get over the top to minimize DD's gains" or "get whupped by KGB and give up a sack". that's the funny thing about football, you can call any kind of game you want and win if the players execute. yes you can get into the semantics of "putting the players in the best postion to succeed" etc, etc. BUT the players have to execute regardless and when they're not doing that it's hard to judge the way a game is called. yes this arguement has plenty of holes, and the game itself has WAY to many variables to make this even close to being entirely true. BUT i hate when people try find scapegoats for situations that have way more than two or three things factoring into them as it doesn't contribute into improving the situation. [/rant]
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