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Default anyone else surprised...?

i know it's pointless to point out one play that won or lost a game. and although the biggest dissapointment of the game (IMO) wasn't the reason we lost, it just felt like a sucker punch to the gut. ok here's the situation:

its our last offensive series, and on first down carr makes a great off balance/getting hit/side arm throw to DD to pick up 7 yards. very "favre" like if you will. 2nd and 3, carr and bradford have a misscommunication. bradford runs a stop route (which would get the first) and carr goes for the homerun. not ideal by anymeans, but gotta like the playcalling either way. so here we go, big 3rd down conversion coming up and although it's a long 3 yards, its definately not "unattainable". ball snapped, carr gets flushed out of the pocket, where alot of us think he's at his best, and he's getting run down by grady jackson. he looks for a second like he's going to turn the corner and then guns it out of bounds pretty far away from DD who fell down. WHY DIDN'T CARR RUN FOR THE FIRST!?!?! we all know he can scoot and 3 yds isn't asking too much i don't think.....and then brett favre does his best brett favre imitation and beats us in the last seconds. carr had to have known that was his proverbial "shot" at winning the game, i was just really dissapointed in his execution and it seemed out of character from what we have come to expect from david. judging by the look on carr's face at the end of the game, something along the lines of how i feel were running through his mind, and hopefully he'll get older and wiser. i just wanted so badly for carr to shine on the national stage and the texans to win. and the last offensive series just left me feeling empty. thoughts anyone?
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