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Default Cowher!

What you have to realize, Cowher, and many that have come from his system, play to lose, rather than to win! If you look at teams in the West Coast offensive scheme, they score until you cannot stop them. If you are well ahead of a team, come the fourth quarter, you don't have to worry about "Hall of Fame" Qb's coming back to bite you in the !@#! Capers plays to lose. Cowher, although he has had success in Pittsburgh, can afford to do this over the years! He built a system, based on a strong defense that can close games down the stretch. HOUSTON DOES NOT HAVE THAT! Pittsburgh has always had a strong running game. HOUSTON DOES NOT HAVE THAT YET! Teams that do not have strong, bruising style, running games, historically put the game out of reach, due to not being able to control the clock well towards the end of the game. What did Indy do to use last week? Sure they have James, but he's not the bruiser who is going to take a pounding, nor is the o-line built to run block for 1 1/2 quarters. Has anyone looked at the size of our tackles? Classic pass protecting tackles! 6'6" and 6'7". Long, lean, and agile, to go against speed rushers, not smaller and stronger for the run! Guess what, we're in the Steeler-style category! We have to put teams out of reach with the weapons we have.
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