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I'm not convinced our offense is that talented. Carr and AJ look like the real deal but who else is good? Gaffney and Armstrong are nice role players but neither strikes me as a true #2 receiver (at least yet). They both strike me as good #3's. Of these two, Armstrong looks more ready to be the #2 man. Bradford has got to go. He isn't doing well as our home run hitter.

Wells and Davis look pedestrian in the backfield. The verdict is still out on Hollings.

The O-line is very inconsistent and the depth at OT is horrible. I think Spears should be nicknamed the Matador. He lets the bull rusher run right past him.

We know what Banks brings to the table but we don't know where Ragone is in relation to Banks (in terms of development).

TE is the forgotten position. Billy Miller and Bruener haven't done much this year. Joppru could end up being the highest bust this team has had. Hopefully he can go later this year.

Defensively, we have 3 rookies that are learning the ropes and doing well. I like Earl, Babin, and Robinson. I still think Foreman should be the first to go defensively, and I think we have some depth issues in many positions. I will say that I am a fan of Marlon McCree. He seems to get overlooked.

Basically every injury exposes our lack of depth. We still need to examine the O-line, RB, ILB (Foreman), TE, nickel back, and the front seven depth.
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