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The problem is not the 3-4, the problem is how it is used and to some extent the players. The pass rush has not been good, but half of that problem is the lack of blitzing, the lack of getting the right players on the field in situations, and the lack of pressure from the Dline. I think that this team will be able to grow greatly by next year. With Babin and Peek having more time to get experience this year, and getting rid of Foreman for either Wong to move over or getting someone else, the Linebackers should be improved greatly next year. We need to either find someone in the draft for the Dline or get someone GOOD in FA. I think it is hard for people to wait for vast improvements, i know i have been with Babin, but if you take a look at things they can improve rather quickly.

One thing I would like to add, my weekly Peek comment. I know he was hurt this week, but when he comes back is he going to get some playing time? He proved he can play at Indy, and another thing of interest to me is that he was featured AGAIN on the Texans web page. It basically said that he doesnt get the time he deserves based on how he has played this year. So far in his two years he has been featured like 3 times on the teams page. I think its time to let him do some things on the field, if this team isnt going to the playoffs this season, then they should start getting the team ready to make a realistic run next season.
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