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Originally Posted by nunusguy
"Favre is a guy you can never have enough points when you play against him," Texans coach Dom Capers said. "You just can't keep giving him opportunities because he's going to make some of those plays. He's one of the greatest who has ever played the position. You have to give him credit."
This quote is out of this mornings Chronicle: so it begs the question coach -
why did you sit on your lead beginning early in the second half by repeatedly
running the ball. In case you forgot, you were playing Bret Farve and that's not Adrian Peterson you've got @ RB.

maybe capers is truly stupid !! I mean cant he understand what he said ??? Well i sure am glad we tried to run the score up on them hahaha , i dont think capers even knows what he's saying when he speaks, he needs to show a lil passion instead of looking like a emotionless *****, Carr neads to quit trying to be Mr. America on national TV, Palmer needs to turn Madden 2005 off easy and use plays that will work, And US fans need to quit making excuses for them they are NOT expansion anymore !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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