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Originally Posted by Ediddy73
I have to admit that I didn't bother to read your your highly informative diatribe. I was too busy laughing my butt off at the gross mispelling of the word knowledgeable. way to come off looking like such the MENSA. If you want to be taken seriously, your best bet is to not use words that infer that only people of your rapier wit and superior intellect should read your post, and with more than a twinge of irony, mispelling a word that by definition disqualifies you from reading your own post. I hate spell Nazis as much as the rest of you, but this was too damn funny to pass up. Way to come off looking "knowledgable" FIRE PITTBULL!!!!! lol, hey chicken little, is that a piece of sky on your windshield?
yku got A reel priblem if yu r moree consernied wth spellliin thaan thhe tim !!!
He made gooood ponts by the way ! Seems to have more knowledge about the game than you !!!!!! I'll take it you just dont know sh*t about what we're talking about so ya gotta poijnt out a little spelling error !
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