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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
i like your positive attitude i do,,, but some times ignorance can be mistaken for optimism, if you seriously think we have a chance to make the playoffs next year with the same coaching staff than you are one of those people !!! Players are only as good as the coach and as we can see by capers record, and palmers lack of adjustment i dont think this team will do anything !!!! But remember low expectations so noones dissapointed next season, cause in 10 years we can still say well we're an expansion team and maybe then when its still capers and palmer you'll see !!!
Hey look I've been a football fan for a long time and always made the mistake of jumping the gun. with a little more experiance i realize 1 thing. Teams do get better with time. I'll tell you this if the ownership who pays all the salaries didn't think the coaches where on the right track we would have heard about it. And i do still call us expansion because we haven't showed that level of matuarity that playoff teams do. Give it time we'll be ok you'll see.
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