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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Mistral--understand that the ruling is not on the wisdom of the collectively bargained NFL/NFLPA rule, it is on its legality.
Bold mine.

I'm still confused. My point is that the rule, if discriminatory, should be struck down, whether collectively bargained, or not and whether it is a 'private business', or not.

If a collectively bargained criteria said that all members had to be white, or male, or couldn't be homosexuals, would the courts allow it to stand?

The NFL doesn't require a player to acheive anything in college, like get a degree, or any particular training.

Is age discrimination permitted in the US? Can I say I only want to hire a secretary who is under 25 years old? Can I say I will only rent my apartment to white females under 25 years old? I assume (but I guess I don't know) that all of these activities would be 'illegal' as discriminatory and struck down.
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