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Originally Posted by Hervoyel
Aren't the audibles given to Carr by the coaches? Aren't they a subset of plays that he is allowed to audible to? And finally have the Houston Texans ever in their short history audibled to anything other than a vanilla run to the left or (mixing things up to keep the defense honest) the right?

I'm trying very hard to recall a single time I've seen the Texans audible to a pass. Just because I can't remember it doesn't mean it doesn't happen of course but the fact that I can't remember it tells me that it doesn't happen often enough. I've watched all three seasons more times than I can count and audibles to a pass just don't come to me. If I know that an audible has a 99% chance of being a run between the tackles you can bet that defensive coordinators around the league have worked that out as well.

thank you thats what i've been trying to tell people,,,the coaches give carr options, unlike manning where he can change it into a hail marry if he wants,,,the runs carr audibled into were chosen by the coaches ! So coaches fault again !
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