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Originally Posted by __V__

If you look at linemen they are usually some of the more quiet guys on the field, but I understand what you are saying. It is just that when I saw Wand block last year I was surprised he was as good a drive blocker as he was. After reading much of they hysteria about how we reached for him and how supposedly weak he was he sure did not look like Mo Towns out there.
I watched Wand through out his college carrer. My brother in law graduated the same year as he did from northwest. My inlaws are from Missouri and I went to college in that area. I was surprised he was drafted by the Texans. Anyway in College he dominated everyone he played against. Granted the level of competition was not as good as D1 but he has always had the talent. His drive blocking in college was outstanding. His technique was what was lacking. The problem was no one challenged him. His whole team was outstanding I believe they won the National championship 3 out of 4 years he was there. Other teams could not simply stack his side of the defense and wait for the ball. He played against lesser talent and developed bad Habits. That could be seen last year when they lined him up at tight end. Once locked on he could drive just about anyone off the ball. However when a defender took a quick step inside to fill the Gap he missed the block a couple of times. There were a couple of goal line situations last year when that happened. Hopefully a year of working with superior coaches and against superior talent has helped him to break bad habits and if so I believe he can be one heck of a lineman.
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