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Those guys just show how ignorant they are....there's more to it than just looking at a team and saying these guys will make it, these guys won't. It wasn't expected that Tampa would have a bad year including the ridiculous season Oakland had. Absolutely no one saw Carolina making a Super Bowl appearance and no matter how many wins the Patriots won....most had them as defeated in most games even the Super Bowl.

The media not having respect for the Texans is just fine by me as because of that they can play concentrated...not having to meet the fans and media's expectations. When you're high profile like that I think it adds to the pressure when going out there and performing. The Jags are being praised so much that I think it'll hurt them. The Texans will make a surprise hit and beat the Jags both games, beating the Titans at least one (hope it's here at home), and one against the Colts (hoping here at home as well).

Really all the Texans need to do is go out there and play just as hard as they did last year. Sure they lost 11 but 8 of those 11 were lost with dignity....those guys were in there playing their tails off. They now have a better staff, off the field and on, and I think it was just what they needed.

Next year is a sure playoff shot! I see us coming away with 7-8 wins easily!
I see Jags at 7-9, Titans 8-8, Houston 9-7, Colts 10-6.
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