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Originally Posted by __V__
I'm not sure you have to be a loudmouth to play well on the line. Many offensive linemen are quiet guys actually. For instance, Mike Munchack was very quiet and as tough as they come. I don't share your view of Wand either. He hasn't struck me as meek or soft.
Vin I was not saying he should talk a lot. I just mean a mean streak in the form of actions on the field. Instad of blocking a guy for five yards. Block a guy for five yards drive him to the ground and lay on top. I watched Munchack and Matthews for years. While not disliked by everyone and not big talkers they were mean. They threw defensive lineman around. I can rember a few spats between childress and Matthews. They dominated from the point of attack until the play ended. They never stood around and anyone who lined up across from them found themselves on their back more often then not. O-lineman are usally some of the smartest and meanest players on the field. It takes a special kind of person to be successful in the trenchs. I was just a tight end but the few times I got down in the trenches I knew I'd much rather be catching passes or hooking the DE not s****ing with the DT.
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