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Rose Bowl would have Pac-10 & Big 10 mater what, unless one of those is playing in the Championship game. It was a deal made when the BCS started, in order to get the Rose Bowl to commit.

Boise St. is not ranked high enough, therefore they do not get a shot at the BCS. Utah is highly ranked, and should get the BCS bid. If they do not, I will never watch a College Football game on TV EVER!!

Remember when people were saying that Oregon St did not deserve a BCS Bowl game? They ended up playing Notre Dame and beat the HOLY Crud out of them! I think it was in 2000/2001.

A playoff is the only thing that makes sense to most fans...not the "5th" game scenario, because that just proves the BCS system is flawed. A true 16 team playoff system, 8 automatic bids (Conf champs) and 8 "At-large" bids. It works very well on the other Division levels, and would work on the D1-A level. Although "cash is king" and therefore it will never happen. All arguements against a playoff are ridiculous!
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