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Originally Posted by J-Man
Ok...I have to admit that I am having a tough time with this thread. Michael Irving said it best, "You there...take your big butt and hit that other guy with the big butt as hard as you can!" .
Doesn't matter who it is as long as the the QB isn't picking himself up off the turf and the RB isn't fighting a DL for the hand off.

...and yes, I never played line...I just caught the ball from the pretty boy that the big uglies worked so hard to keep in clean uniform!

And yes, you never played on the line. You should have started and stopped with that statement.

After QB, the 5 OL positions are the most complicated. You have to know where everyone else is supposed to be and where they actually are on a given play.

LT has it extremely hard. You see a combination of extremely fast DE's that can run around you combined with guys that maul their way through you. If you are slow the fast guys burn you. If you lack the size, the bigger ones bull rush you. The DE's with multiple effective rushing techniques just own an average LT.

Based upon your statement you probably think you can take 5 starting linemen and plug them into any of the 5 starting slots. It amazes me that people are watching the same game as me, but only seeing a fraction of what is going on in a game.
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