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If the O and D lines dont show up we are in for a long embarrasing night. Football starts with the line on both sides. It is taking us quite a while to consistantly solidify those areas. Carr has been a trooper in the way he has handeled the situation IMO. No QB can perform at his best when the odds are he is going to get crushed as soon as he drops back. Manning would have done just as bad had he been behind our line taking snaps. The diffrence the last 2 games has been the inability to establish some sort of run to keep the DB's honest. They are camping on Andre AND getting to the QB..not a good thing. If the Texans can get the run going again things will change on O. As for the D, they arnt geting enough penitration and it seems the LB's and CB's are making tackles 3 to 5 yards past the line on most occasions. Just as a nod to the D they have been spending an awfull lot of time on the field lately losing the time of possession battle badly. On a final note I really think that the artificial turf play a significant part in the game. Im just glad we got out without any blown ACL's.
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