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This seems odd to me, although I'm not an anti-trust lawyer.

"On Monday, the appeals court said Clarett was 'no different from the typical worker who is confident that he or she has the skills to fill a job vacancy, but does not possess the qualifications or meet the requisite criteria that have been set.'

It said ruling in favor of Clarett would be deciding that professional football players were entitled to advantages under federal labor laws that transport workers, coal miners or meat packers do not enjoy."

Can coal miners or meat packers be restricted from jobs because of age, if they are 18?

If the league set the criteria that players couldn't be homosexuals, do you think the court would have let it stand?

I thought the point was that the league criteria (years out of high school) was discriminatory.

I laughed at all the people (all of whom benefit from the existing system) who said they thought the 'kids' weren't ready. Age (or years out of high school) is a poor gauge of maturity. It should be left to a free market. If the individual thinks they are ready, they declare (Johnson declared as a jr. Williams waited until he was a sr.). If the individual teams don't think a player is ready, don't draft them, but the teams shouldn't be restrained from drafting them by discriminatory guidelines.

What a fraud. Much younger kids are required to decide which school they go to, or more accurately, do they attend a school where they will actually receive any reasonable kind of education while they play sports. They are not allowed to receive professional advice to make this decision. However they can't be trusted to decide to leave the school and play in the NFL.
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