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Originally Posted by infantrycak
If you are talking about running too much, it isn't a RB specific problem, you need to be complaining about the coaches on that one. If it is a receiving to much comment, then you need to be complaining about Carr because he has said virtually every reception Davis has is a check down, i.e. he called it rather than get it to the WR. You don't get rid of a RB because your QB is too comfortable with him as a multitalented player, you counsel the QB better.
I am not talking about running the ball too much. I think our coaches get a great mix of run and pass. I agree with counseling the QB but you can also take the approach of someone addicted to something. How do you stop a person addicted to something like crack??? You take it away from him, let him go through a withdrawal period and then he wont use it (I know its a little more complicated than that, but that is the jest of it). The offense was so smooth in the 2nd half of the Vikes game and the entire Raider game because Carr was FORCED to go to other places with the ball, I would rather we counsel him but a withdrawal period seems to work....

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