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If the SEC is the definition of elite football this year, then the rest of the conferences across the country have been playing some really bad football.

SEC "highlights" this year...

Auburn's perfect season kept alive by a missed XP vs LSU.
LSU, strangely enough, avoids a loss to Oregon State when the Beavers missed 3 XPs.
Florida loses to Mississippi State...a team that was beaten by Maine.
The previously mentioned Mississippi State losing to Maine (that bears repeating).
Georgia, a team many predicted would contend for the MNC, loses at home to...
Tennessee, a team that lost at home to Notre Dame.
LSU, who started the season ranked 3rd in the country, has impressive wins over:
Troy - 24-20
Florida - 24-21
Vanderbilt - 24-7
Speaking of the constant SEC doormat Vandy...they lost to Navy and Rutgers this season.

I agree the SEC is a tough conference. But "elite football"?
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