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Originally Posted by infantrycak
The only thing odd about that is that you would think that in any way reflects upon Davis. I'll even give you San Diego and Detroit as entirely his fault because of the fumbles--of course they really weren't but hey to be generous, but it is ridiculous to put any blame for the losses of 2003 you listed (last I checked DD wasn't out there as a DB at any time in those games) on DD much less the Indy game last week which was a top to bottom butt whoopin where the most defeated Texans unit on the field was the OL.
Comments on the Indy game: TexansTrueFan is saying that Davis showed improvement in the Indy game, which I could not come to that conclusion since the Colts were in prevent when Davis got most of his yards...

But teams with 100 yard rushers usually win the game (Dont want to look for the exact stat but a quick one: Skins have 3 wins, Portis has had 100 yards in each of those wins), but not during Davis brief career. Teams go into cover 2, say that they will not allow the Texans to pass the ball and say run it with Davis and then they walk away with a 'W'...

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs
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