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Originally Posted by PHAROAH
Why? it is good having 2 talented QB's there is nothing wrong with having more talent to make your team better. Forget about he wouldn't have signed that's not the point i'm trying to make. All i'm saying is that if we have a chance to get a very talented player at any position you take and don't worry about who is comfortable, you have to play the game and if you can't hang then go to another team. This is NFL you have to PERFORM that's all i'm saying.
Cause the second the "Face of the Franchise" has a bad game you start rotating QBs and that is horrible for team chemistry.

Example: Browns
Couch has a couple of bad games so they put Holocomb and he wins a couple. And then Holocomb loses so they switch back. WRs cant get comfortable, the Center cant get comfortable, the leader in the huddle keeps changing.

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs
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