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Originally Posted by Vinny
I understand. I also need to make clear that just because I do not like Dom's long term prospects as an NFL feature back, it doesn't mean I'm down on him. I think guys like Kevin Faulk and Dom Davis have a place in this league. I just don't see them as feature backs. They are both excellent fooball players just like Gaffney is a solid slot WR, but that doesn't make him worthless just because he is no WR1.

I just don't understand this mentality that if I don't see him as a legit first rate tailback in the NFL that I must think he is worthless.

No i dont think we think your saying that hmmm(confused myself) !!! But D.D had an awesome 1st year and so far the second year has Stunk, so i'd say give him a 3rd year to see if it was just a bad year or to see if he was a bust/3rd down back ! 1 good year 1 bad, gotta be a tie breaker !
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