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Its really funny to look at the comments, because I to believe David is our best QB hands down, but I believe Palmer has stated that they have been selecting their play calls based on David's injury to his ankle. If that's the case then it seems to me that the injury must be having a much greater bearing on the play than we think. They don't always tell us or the opposition how bad things are. Remember, how mad Carr got when he thought someone was going for his legs. Remember the helment incident. I have not posted this in the spirit for change for change sake, but out of observation of comments and what's happening. I'm not a Banks fan either. Sometimes you have to do things which require a long term outlook. A part of the effectiveness of the O-line has been predicated on a healthy Carr who can help them by being able to move. If he has lost that ability, then may be he shouldn't play until the injury has healed or until he is better able to move. Its not straight ahead movement that is often impared by an ankle injury, rather side to side or twisting motions that would affect the injury. I guess I also vividly remember watching what happened to Joe Theisman and I would hate to think something like that happened to David because he wasn't able to move an avoid the rush. A weak ankle is not fun and its not fun to play on. I think David is the type of person who would play on regardless of how injured he is, because he wants to WIN. That might not be in the best interest of the team in the long run.
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