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Originally Posted by chicagotexan
I believe the Colts were wrong in throwing and noone can convince me otherwise. I don't want to see anyone, ok almost anyone get thier neck broken. I would like someone to tee off on Peyton. A good clean hit will suffice, but there are few players I wouldn't shed a tear for if they got hurt (like anyone in a teal and black uni with a kitten on the helmet). Peyton for the most part is ok by me, but I want blood. No, no I just want a nice pop, that'll do.

Agree he already threw 5 touchdowns on us,,,i mean come on guys i think that goes a little beyond stats. He was just up set he thre the int and tried to go out and make us pay, it is a bull i have no respect for the colts or their organization any longer ,and you people siding with the colts can say what you will, but it showed no class on Dungy or Mannings part !
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