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Default Its time for Banks to start...

Boy am I going to be attacked on this one, but I do have a very logical reason. For some weeks people have been saying we need more play action and more movement by the QB. I think it's becoming very apparent that David's ankle is a bigger problem than we think. There have been several coaching comments to the effect we are not running play action because of his ankle. I elulded some time ago to the fact that I'm beginning to worry about his ankle. I believe he had similar problems last year. Has it become a chronic problem? Don't get me wrong I'm a Carr fan, but if he can't perform then is he making it harder for the O-line? More importantly has the opposition figured this out and know what they need to do to render him ineffective. Every team is looking for a weakness and they will exploit it as much as they can. May be we need to pull Carr and see if he can heal up. He was suppose to have the bye week to do so, but it seems like that didn't happen. That's another reason I think it's a bigger problem than we think. I hope you will take this as an honest point of discussion.
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