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Default Carr

Bottom need exceptional blocking, not just half-arse blocking. If that is consistant...Carr can dance around, jump around, and do the Macarena before he throws to an open receiver and still have plenty of time. He took a hard hit this past week and completed the pass while knowing he was destined for a hard hit, yet he got up fine, and played on. Watch the other QB's, and compare the difference in versatility and agileness that Carr has in his JR. yrs as opposed to others. The key is good blocking and our offensive blocking these past 2 games was nill...when Carr has great blocking...he does wonders. So let's not criticize his performance as an individual but as a team performance. If the rest of the team is not there, he has to fend for himself..and his stats in that scenario are not that bad. Carr has made us proud so far but this is nothing compared to what he will do in the very near future. He is already placing right on up there and in some cases above with the veteran greats after only 2 1/2 yrs. If you don't believe it...go to and check out his stats. Good things come to those who wait. You take some bad punches on the way to the top. It's right on the money....and just keep in mind that overall...we just keep climbing up. As AJ said...the best fans come when your down. If you're going to ride the band wagon...stay on it through thick and thin. It's not all about Carr, remember it is a TEAM. I have season tickets and I get frustrated too, but by next game time....forget last week, let's kick butt this week. If you really love this team, when they are down, you should support them even harder because this is when they need our support the most. If you're a parent, uncle, etc. and you go to a game and your child loses or has a bad day....the best thing you can do is offer the most moral support you can give afterwards and before the next game. Show up with the best attitude you can give them. This team will go far and make us proud. IT ALREADY HAS! Let's not forget that. Remember, we were just playing for first in the division and this is a very tough division
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