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peyton manning is working on a record. is it classless of us to complain about him trying to do something that's never been done? i hate that it was us but it's not like they were talking trash about it. if the score would have been 98 - 14 then that's our fault and nobody elses. i would feel more like a chump if those guys put there second string team against our starters in the fourth quarter and that was still the score. since when does an opposing team "owe" us opportunities to score. last i checked you had to earn everything you get.

with that (my opinion) being said, i hated to watch it but i watched every second and cheered for each of our interceptions and TDs in trash time just as if we were winning. if you're an athlete then you know that some days you're just off. slumps happen and if you've ever listened to parliament then you know it's hard to get out of the funk. we'll be fine but crying about how bad we got our posteriors handed to us truly makes us look like a bunch of sissies.

once again. this is just my opinion.
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