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Just because we don't see Capers yelling at the players on tv doesn't mean that he isn't coaching the team. Capers is respectful and dignified, but that does't mean that he doesn't rip someone a 2nd one during the half or when we don't see him. I kinda respect the fact that he doesn't make it a whole production and make a spectacle of himself. These past 2 games weren't bad because of bad coaching. There was bad playing. Bad blocking and just right down more bad playing. We were outplayed, just like we outplayed Jags. Players don't need to be yelled at by coaches to play better. They know they need to play better...but it is the fans they have to answer to. The Texans know that this town is hungry for a winning football team, but it is not about to let them slip into a state of "Oiler-doom". This team is a good team. They just need to play with consistancy more often. Hope this home game and great fan participation knocks them back in the groove. We must win this sunday. Let's make this a game to go down in Texan history and let the fans be a huge part of that. Let's earn another "Game Ball".

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