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Default Was trading Drew Henson the wisest move?

Would Drew have signed with Houston if given the opportunity? I think that that question has been on my mind since he was drafted while still wearing Yankee pinstripes. Is or will he be better than Dave Ragone? Is he worth what will probably be a mid to later 3rd round next year in 2005? Or is he worth more? I have a hankering that Henson will be a very good NFL quarterback and that the Cowboys got one over on us. I think that Henson was one of the highest rated QB's that the scouts have seen in a long time; did exceptional in his workouts, had good foot work, completed all the tough passes, performed head and shoulders better than almost all college QB's in similar workouts, retained a solid working football knowledge, scored outstanding on the Wonderlick test, can handle bigtime pressure, has proven to be fiscally responsible, is soundminded competent and mature, and is still very very young. Why did we trade him again?

Casserly has said in the past that the most important position on a team is the quarterback. The second most important position on a team is the back-up quarterback. I'd have signed the kid.
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