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Originally Posted by pittbull
Fiddy, I don't think johnson throwing his helmet is "just" something he did. I think he, the most quiet guy in the locker room and off the field, was making a blanket statement. By refusing to go on the field after he did so, this guy was saying, I'm tired of what I see going on. The playcalling, the execution, the approach, the attitude on the field and maybe in the locker room. Remember, this is a guy that let's his play do the talking, and is not used to loosing, coming from one of the most dominate collegiate teams ever, over a 4 year period. This team desperately needs some emotional leaders, and maybe his antics will spark some. Whenever you see a less emotional guy get emotional, good things can happen!

I think you are right, but what you have to hope is that Johnson is not just being a crybaby. Lord knows there are enough receivers in this league who get mad and wont go back in games because they feel like they are not getting all the attention they deserve. Not saying that is the case here, but a receiver like this can actually hurt a team more than help it.
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