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Default True.

Originally Posted by bckey
If you only say positive things about the team it doesn't make you more of a fan than someone who says some negative things from time to time. I don't know where that idea comes from but it simply is not true. Speak the truth and be passionate about it!
If this weren't the case, none of us would have anything to say after the game against Indy. There was very little positive that happened at all. From Freeney "swishing" past Wand to smack D Carr on our first pass, our Offense seemed to be jolted off course, and never got back on. NO. 8 didn't look at all like he has thus far in the season, Andre was kept out of the game basically, nearly NO pressure on Manning, and safety play and O line was terrible.
That being said - I know this team can get it together and hit GB in the mouth - and pull to .500 again! But our line has to play better - and we must smother Favre, while holding down A Green.
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