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Originally Posted by El Tejano
Hey, I know we got blown out this past week. Noone here can make any excuses about how or why we lost. Truth be told, Indy was the better team on Sunday aside from the fact we just quit.

However, they did add insult to injury many times in that game. I don't know about any of you but I have watched football long enough to know that payback's in this league are a mutha....

Indy may not know but they could've stirred the pot just the way it needs to be stirred for our team to do something more damaging to Indy in December. I do know that things happen to teams in worse scenarios when they get cocky like the way Indy did.

Now, I don't wish any harm on a player. I have been on this board saying I want to beat teams with their best players on the field but Manning has to start watching his back now cuz things happen.

Does anyone remember the thrashing the Bengals gave the Oilers in the playoffs one time. Well the Bengals lost the Superbowl that year and the next year they weren't even a match for the Oilers and actually were the worse football team in the league for many years. As a matter of fact last year they finally had a non losing season since then.

I am not saying we will be the ones to give injury to any player nor am I wishing that or that Indy will suck for many years. I am just pointing out something that could happen very quickly for a team on the verge of missing some of its pieces the following year.

Oh we will be waiting in Houston though and I am very sure we will not follow up this last performance with the same outcome next time.
Excellent point....I believe the best way for an NFL team to achieve long-term success is not to rile up the opposition; I guess the Colts aren't smart enough to realize that.
The older I get, the smarter I get.

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