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Originally Posted by Vinny
I donno, these are grown men, not high school kids. They cash their check and don't worry about what Daddy is saying. There are lots of low key guys who have done well from Tom Landry, to Tony Dungy. I think ranting coaches is a highly overrated element.
Regardless of age and money when you have someone that you respect a great deal the way these players do Capers and each other and he's out of his normal calm, mouth hanging open self and lighting into someone or everyone for that matter I think it would make a difference. It's easy for someone to say "oh, my bad I should've had that one", but when you've got someone ripping into you from time to time on certain mistakes it kind of drives it home. That's my opinion though. There are some times to be calm and collect and other times when you get so ticked off you can't help yourself but to get caught up in the moment and light into these guys and that should've happened at some point and time two weeks straight.
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