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Originally Posted by __V__
They have a top 10 defense and we don't. They also have elite skill guys in Fred Taylor (one of the great backs of the NFL) and Greg Jones at running back. They have borderline Hall of Famer Jimmy Smith and first rd pick Reggie Williams as WR's and Leftwich is a total stud at QB.

Right now, most people around the league would take their defense over our 32nd rated defense, and their offensive skill guys over our guys. That's pretty much why we don't get the same 5-11 hype as they get.
And what does that say for them? They had a top 10 D, Jimmy Smith, Taylor, and Leftwitch there last year, and we still beat them in the first game and would have probably beat them the 2nd had we not had Ragone and Hollings starting(both rookies). The best 2/3 of our line missing,and a partially injured Glenn trying to hold K. Johnson.

And in defense of our defense(lol), we could have been at least top 15 this year had we not been absolutely torn to shreads by injury.

Not to down the Jags though. They did get R.Williams and G.Jones in the draft to go along with their offensive weapons wereas we got Babin and Dunta to go along with our defensive talent. Im not saying we should blow them out the next time we see them but I think we have a better team, and it will be a dogfight, we both have good young talent.
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