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Originally Posted by pittbull
I haven't gotten completely down on the team and never will, but I said it once, was shot down, but I got up and I'll say it again!!! WE HAVE NO TOUGH GUYS ON THIS TEAM!!!! With the exception of Johnson's blowup during the 2 minute mark & an overactive Antwan Peek, this team has no one that shows emotion!!! Where is the fire, where is the emotional leader? Capers is always calm, Casserly is always calm, the defense looks like Lions at times, but with no teeth! WE NEED SOMEONE WITH A NASTY STREAK!!! Someone the other team respects, and our guys will follow! I realize McNair built this team to model a city that has respect and kindness for all, but we also don't take no @$@%, and give out @#$#@ kickin's when needed. If I were management, my first free agent acquisition is a guy with attitude that will ruffle the fleathers of the locker room. Point blank, sometimes it's needed. A guy that gets a fine, and guy that makes the late hit! Until we show some heart, teams like the Colts will continue to run the score up and treat us like punks!
Hey! Most Texans fans got really mad and posted for a month, and in some cases still are, about Strouds hit on Carr last year. Not to mention Redmond last year or Henderson this year. Now you guys want a "Stroud"?

We Jags are the ones with the physical "nasty" players and we get grief from Texans fans all the time on our board about it.

Hehe, dont flame me. Im just playing.

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