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Davis ain't bad. He might not be the long term answer, but we have enough weaknesses that need to be adressed in this draft that we definately don't need to waste a pick on a RB. If, after next year, we still feel the running game is weak, then worry about it. I'm not gonna give up on a back that rushed for a thousand yards as a rookie behind a terrible o-line. Best bet for next year is too talk Ricky out of retirement and back to Texas.

On that note: Benson is the best back in the draft. Look at his numbers. He does that with entire defenses knowing he's getting the ball and not even thinking about defending the pass. Also, he has improved every season. Also, he plays for a coach who manages to limit the abilities of his players (ex. Roy Williams, Shaun Rogers, Chris Simms...). Great players in college, but better pro's.
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