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Ok now that everybody is happy with the right attitude lets get serious. All Wand needs at this point is to get mean. I mean the few interviews he has done he has been soft spoken. He walks and plays with his shoulders down and hs is a little soft. The biggest improvement I'd like to see from him would be a mean streak. I know he was learing last year and he was bright eyed and bushy tailed last year so I won't hold that against him. Today I read that Wade and Walker were s*c*r*a*ping a little. Walker needs to slap Wand around a little and Wade needs to let him know that he has his back. Let Wand get POwd and lets see if he don't start throwing a few defensive lineman around. My new campaigin is to make Wand madd. I sit in the front row so I will call him ugly when he walks out onto the field. I will yell your mama jokes accross the field. yea yea thats it. uhh maybe going a little over board but I think you get my point.
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