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Don't underestimate the effect of showing some emotions...remember how Carr's getting angry at the Jags game really fired up the team. I think especially if you were to see Capers show any sort of anger, etc. on the sidelines during the game it would have a real effect...kind of a "holy ****, Dad's really pissed" effect.

Now...we don't need to have him go Parcells on us...but in some ways I wish he would be a little more like least as far as getting fired up on the sidelines is concerned.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a parent...I know all about yelling till you're blue in the face and it not making a damn difference...LOL. Maybe Dom is the master Jekyl/Hyde and really rips into the boys in the locker room when the cameras are off and they just don't respond...but I don't think so.

I guess it's a matter of personal preference? A lot of teams do great with coaches that "walk softly" and some "just suck" (as their own coaches put it) with their emotional coaches. But I think every team needs someone to be the driving force to keep it going/motivated. If not the coach, then I would think the QB...and Carr often shrugs off mistakes as easily as Capers does. It's only recently this season that he's started to get really ticked at himself...but even late yesterday there were moments he was smiling and happy - WE WEREN'T - you're not allowed!!

Please tell me that doesn't mean it all falls on us, the fans, to carry these boys then....they're awfully heavy. Plus, I don't want us to be those that starting booing our own team when they screw up. But I mean come that what it's gonna take? Are they too comfortable in their position with us?

I'm just heartbroken. Way too good of a team to be playing like this.
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