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Originally Posted by V Man
I think WR is the position that is going to make or break us this year.
We improved our DB and LB in the draft,
D-line improved thru Free Agency and players getting healthy
O-line same as D-line, plus additional year of experience,
TE-got good solid players, RB- DD is great, with Hollings the chance to be good also.

but WR - we have one legit weapons (with a dropped ball problem), a speedster that disappears games at a time, a 3rd year receiver whoy is suppose to have his break out year for the 2nd year in a row, and a whole list of rookies and undrafted free agents.

I would love to see some veteran come available after being released from his team on June 1, and then the Texans make a run at him. Does anyone heard of any WR that might be released on June 1.
I think you're analysis is right on. I've previously said that our most devastating injury would be Andre Johnson. Without him, it would be a very ordinary group of WRs for what we all hope will be a playoff year.

If there is room for hope, I would offer a couple of comments:

A) There is reason to believe that Johnson will show a lot of improvement. He is only coming into his second year with the Texans and he came out of college as a junior (and he didn't participate in Spring Football in college, because he was winning the Big East sprint championship);

B) Some of the receiver problems in the past may be solved by improvements in Carr (experience), the OL and running game. An extra 1/2 second of protection will allow Carr to look for second and third options.
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