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Originally Posted by Wolf
but like baseball. you don't stop swinging the bat just because you are ahead..If we would have been up by 35
Baseball is not a time based sport and the impact of running out the clock is like apples and oranges when you compare it to baseball. A better comparision would be to the classiness of the two sports, which is what the jist of this argument is about. If the Astros were up 18-2 and Bagwell just hit home run and pumped his fist in the air, walked around the bases, and celebrated once he touched home plate, then that would classless. Same goes for Manning trying to pad his stats by going for a deep long bomb pass when all they had to do was kill the clock and end the game, not showboat and expand their chests.

Although I am glad that they did it because it is going to be revenge time when they come to Houston. Gives them a little more extra incentive.
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