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Originally Posted by Vinny
Lack of 'quality' depth is what I meant. We have bodies. We just don't have first rate reserves. We have a bunch of scrubs, unproven players and journeymen behind our starters. Its probably not too wildly different than most teams but I'd bet we are the thinnest team in the league when you throw out each teams starters across all 22 starting positions.
I noticed you left out our lack of 'quality' depth in coaching and we have a bunch of scrubs, unproven coaches and journeymen coaches. I say that a little tongue in cheek, but I feel the coaching staff is on a par with the players.

Vinny, I will agree with you in part though, because when Wade was declared out we simply have nobody to replace him. I have often commented we can not afford to loose Wiegert, and when he has been out, it has been a disaster. Is it, however, that we don't have players or the coaches are not developing people as they go to fill in when necessary. Why is it that other teams have injuries and someone steps up. We don't have that capability. Why?
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