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You write it, why won't you say it!! Its the coaching staff and its obvious. Everyone is talking about all of the faults and what's happening, and then they say, its not the coaches. BS. Capers is not an under fire type of leader. All he can say is fellas you need to execute at the other teams level. Yes, and why don't you look and figure out why your very talented team can't perform at the other team's level. The games we have won have been by the grace of god.

The one thing I will say on Caper's behalf, however, is that the organization has depended too much on the return of injured players particularly in the case of the D line. Caper's might be a part of that too, but I really don't know. I would assume that rests with Casserly.

Defensively we are really a very injured ball club and the offensive side of the ball is moving very rapidly in that direction now.
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