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Default Johnson Outburst!!!!

I'm not sure if they showed it on television, but the final interception by David Carr, attempting to throw a slant to Andre Johnson, finally unleashed the real "Angry Dre'". After Macklin went racing down the sideline, Johnson returned to the sideline to throw his helmet into the wall! After standing near the far end of the sideline, an equipment manager brought the helmet back for Johnson to return to the field after the ensuing kickoff, He Refused to return to the game, much to my delight! This is the most passion I have seen from any player in the first three seasons. Not only was he disappointed by the teams performance, but also not getting the rock and most likely, the poor playcalling! Davis touches the ball "33" times!!!! What is that! I realize 'dre was being shadowed in the perfect scheme to stop our offense, cover two, & having (3) men always in his area, but what happened to the quick out? Crossing patterns? Deep ball and let him have a shot! Payton Manning can afford to throw 2 balls at Marvin Harrison, he has Edgerin, Reggie, Stockley, Dallas, Pollard, and a offensive line that can keep our soldiers clean in a dirty war, but WE NEED TO GET THE BALL TO OUR MOST EXPLOSIVE WEAPON, and GIVE HIM A SHOT TO MAKE PLAYS! We played right into Indy's hands on offense. If their blitzing, a quick out will stop that. Playing zone, underneathe will kill that! Come up close and going deep with our speed will destroy them. I'm not saying fire Palmer, but we need better adjustments and need them faster during game situations. Did Dre' have a right to be mad........heck yeah, and hopefully his passion and anger will spark something for this entire team!!!! I was ready to leap from the stands and start something up out there myself.................Boy is it going to be a long flight back to Houston!!!!!!!
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