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It still speaks volumes about how we view things. We have used David and Wells successfully in that area. Wells has done alright in short yardage situations in the red zone area. You also tell Mr Wiegert the hole is his responsibility. I would beat more than even money that it would be there. Actually a run is a safer play at that point for a lot of reasons. Its also a confidence builder. In this case when you don't run the ball you are telling your O-line and the other teams you face you have no running game and you don't trust it. Your also giving a very bad message to your team, because that was a point where they could have blown the whole thing open. In fact, even if your short after the 3rd by inches you might give it another go. If you make the 1st, you run and run until you get the 1 yard for the TD. Guess what? Even if you don't make it the clock is ticking and your defense is getting a rest. I know we could have fumbled and all that, but its what you have to do in that case. That is the place where you really play conservative until a penalty or a touchdown occurs. You all might disagree with me and that's fine, but I still say we have seen several calls that tell us that the problem may well be the coaches and not the players.

Take the play calling at the end of the 1st half in last week's game. They called three passes with under 2 minutes to go deep in their own territory after the other team has just scored a disheartening touchdown. The result was that they used about 10 seconds, had to kick the ball, and Denver turned around and scored to go up by another touchdown. Another total disaster and will breaker. Again, Again, and Again I will say we lack game management and this team will go nowhere with the coaches we have. These players are grown men, not boys. Two years ago when the TV was following the boys, I listened to what the head boys' coach(Campo) was saying, and said, he will be gone before the season is over. He doesn't know how to lead men. He doesn't know what he's doing. May be a very fine person, but he's not a leader. I'm sorry I'm really beginning to more than feel that about DOM. No question he is a very, very fine person, but he's not what you want as a head coach.
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