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Default Scary Thought

After the Denver game, Capers lamented that the team had taken a step
back in the Bronco game and was going to have to re-group and re-
focus for the Colts. So, what does he deliver?...the worst defeat in Texans
history!!! Is it the message or is it the messenger? Somewhere or some-
how what is being said by the Coach is not getting translated onto the
field. Poor coaching, including game planning? Lack of player effort? What
we all saw Sunday is not a mirage that is suddenly going to go away with
easy excuses like (1) we're still an expansion team or (2) we're just in our
third year or (3) every team has a bad game once in a while---this game
is an ugly reminder of something else...where is the heart?where is the
desire?where is the passion?'s not just about losing that counts, it's
about how you lose...and it starts with showing up to play! Did the Texans
show up Sunday? If not, why? If so, it's going to be a long second half...
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